Key Travel Marketing Solutions

Acxiom’s Travel Marketing and Analytics Solutions help leading travel brands achieve measurable results.

Our client list includes many of the world’s largest travel and hospitality brands that count on us to deliver data, identity, and marketing technology solutions to help them acquire and retain profitable customers. Acxiom’s travel solutions integrate marketing technology and services across a comprehensive range of capabilities related to marketing, customer identity, CRM, and loyalty.

  • Complete View of the Traveler

    Complete View of the Traveler

    Create an Accurate, Unified Customer View

    Identity is the key to every interaction with customers and prospects. Our best-in-class identity solutions help brands accurately identify and connect with travelers at any time, anywhere, across any channel, device, touchpoint, or location to create exceptional experiences. Understanding who a customer is enables brands to design and deliver relevant and timely experiences throughout the travelers’ journey with continuity between digital and known channels. Acxiom is a pioneer in the identity space. Our identity suite helps amplify existing master data management, customer data platforms, and client-owned marketing and analytics environments allowing brands to understand relationships beyond just individuals and behaviors.

  • Understanding the New or Changed Traveler

    Understanding the New or Changed Traveler

    Power More Relevant Engagement and Experiences

    The traveler has changed, the travel buyer journey has changed, and how brands engage with travelers has changed. With all this disruption, it’s important to understand and anticipate future shifts and changes in behavior. However, many predictive analytic models and customer segmentations still use pre-pandemic historical data to drive marketing decisioning. Acxiom’s suite of data, strategy, and analytics offerings assess the new norm and provide refreshed, data-driven insight. We deliver pandemic-specific segmentations to power a new understanding of today’s travelers. Our travel data solutions help brands better know and understand travelers to meet them where they are now and engage them with more relevant and impactful messages.

  • Reaching Those Most Likely to Travel

    Reaching Those Most Likely to Travel

    Real-time Personalization for the Ready-to-Go Traveler

    Acxiom offers a comprehensive set of acquisition strategies to understand and identify the highest-value audiences for acquisition and relationship marketing. We help travel brands by leveraging customer data, combined with third-party enhancement data, powered by robust AI/machine learning and acquisition analytics. This process allows brands to reach and engage the right audiences, where they are in their journeys, acquiring ready-to-go travelers across digital, traditional, and emerging channels.

  • Reactivation Strategies

    Reactivation Strategies

    Convert Lapsed Guests to Drive New Reservations

    Our customer acquisition analytics and campaign execution services use “in-market” data to identify people most likely to travel again and reach them with offers across their ideal channels. We help brands find travelers from the previous year and re-engage inactive travelers by getting the most up-to-date contact information for those individuals. Through a variety of solutions and tactics, we can help companies reach and engage across channels to better reactivate next best customers.

  • Loyalty and Share of Wallet

    Loyalty and Share of Wallet

    Improve Loyalty, Grow Relationships, Attract New Customers

    We offer solutions that help travel brands grow share of wallet, increase ancillary spend, get direct bookings, and drive repeat purchases. Our data-driven insights help reach the right audience and develop the offers that are the most meaningful to them. Identifying the right people and following their preferred communication journey is vital to success. Acxiom helps brands create valuable audiences using first-party data to onboard, cross-sell and upsell with an existing purchase or buying pattern across addressable advertising or offline channels. Our solutions also fuel prospect marketing using third-party data to engage prospects with relevant offers to support customer acquisition efforts. Loyalty marketing can be strengthened by using first-party data to build the member base and retain the most valuable customers.

  • Data Collaboration and Monetization

    Data Collaboration and Monetization

    Safe, Secure, Privacy-Compliant Shared Insights

    Data collaboration enables safe, secure, and privacy-compliant sharing of customer data between two or more parties. It can be as simple as a partner customer data match analysis or as complex as a multi-partner data hub. Sharing customer data with trusted partners uncovers unique marketing opportunities and can help inform decisions and plans for media mix optimization, budget allocation, customer lifecycle, lifetime value assessment, and more.

  • Database Marketing Solutions for Travel

    Database Marketing Solutions for Travel

    Make Better Informed and More Timely Decisions

    The proliferation of data across channels and technologies makes the marketing database critical to achieving high-quality, relevant interactions. It is the key for driving customer intelligence and making marketing resilient so that brands can collect, host, curate, and act on their unified customer and prospect intelligence to power the entire marketing ecosystem. Acxiom’s customer data platform solutions are fully configurable to unique business requirements. Our open architecture approach will ensure brands maximize existing marketing technology investments and business process models to ensure data-driven marketing initiatives provide better customer experiences and create the desired business impact. Whether brands are reacting quickly to rapidly changing market conditions or designing complex multi-touch marketing programs, Acxiom’s customer data platform solutions and services are the foundation to successful digital and offline marketing that delivers better results.

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