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Meet the Acxiom Leadership Team

Meet the Acxiom Leadership Team Meet the Acxiom Leadership Team

Executive Leadership Team

  • Chad Engelgau

    Chad Engelgau

    Chief Executive Officer

    Chad Engelgau serves as Acxiom’s President and Chief Executive Officer, providing strategic leadership to the organization, which focuses on helping brands better use data, identity and technology solutions to understand people and create growth for their businesses.
  • Beth-Anne Bygum

    Beth-Anne Bygum

    Chief Security & Compliance Officer

    Beth-Anne Bygum serves as Chief Security & Compliance Officer for Acxiom. In this role, Beth-Anne is responsible for all aspects of Acxiom’s global cyber security strategy, enterprise risk management program and information risk governance.
  • Mary Ward

    Mary Ward

    Chief People Officer

    Mary Ward serves as Chief People Officer at Acxiom, leading all people initiatives and programs aligned to Acxiom’s core values. Mary is focused on embracing an innovation agenda geared at engaging, building and expanding value across all Acxiom employees.
  • Brett Madison

    Brett Madison

    Chief Financial Officer

    Brett Madison serves as Chief Financial Officer at Acxiom. In this position, he manages the company’s overall finances and is responsible for driving the creation of the long-term financial vision and plan for the company.
  • Jed Mole

    Jed Mole

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Jed Mole serves as Chief Marketing Officer at Acxiom. In his role, he is responsible for Acxiom’s communications with its various audiences, building the brand and supporting business growth.
  • Janet Cinfio

    Janet Cinfio

    Chief Information Officer

    Janet Cinfio serves as Chief Information Officer at Acxiom. She leads the overall information technology strategy for the company as well as directing teams in the specific areas of planning, architecture, enterprise applications, infrastructure, operations, IT security & risk management as well as IT procurement.
  • Eugene Becker

    Eugene Becker

    GM & Executive President

    Eugene Becker serves as Acxiom’s General Manager of Global Data and Identity Products. He sets the strategy for the business, spearheads innovation and leads operations. Eugene is committed to helping marketers use data and identity to have more relevant and engaging conversations with people across all channels and platforms.  
  • Mike Menzer

    Mike Menzer

    General Manager, International

    Mike Menzer serves as General Manager for International at Acxiom. His proven track record establishing next-generation marketing solutions, developing and managing a digital-savvy team and driving sustainable year-over-year growth with strategic accounts qualifies Mike for this critical role.
  • David Skinner

    David Skinner

    Chief Strategy Officer

    David Skinner serves as Chief Strategy Officer at Acxiom. In his role, David oversees strategy and innovation of new markets, channels and offerings. As part of the executive team, David provides leadership on strategy and growth for Acxiom’s global business.
  • P. Tate Olinghouse

    P. Tate Olinghouse

    Chief Client Officer

    Tate serves as Chief Client Officer at Acxiom. Serving more than half of the Fortune 100 companies, the hallmark of Tate’s client-centric teams is engaging with brands in noticeably strategic and creative ways to help meet their business and marketing goals.
  • Shayne Smith

    Shayne Smith

    General Counsel

    Shayne D. Smith serves as General Counsel at Acxiom, leading all U.S. and international contract negotiation teams for the company. Since joining Acxiom in 1994, Shayne has been responsible for the negotiation of agreements with clients and partners across all of Acxiom, including supporting operations across APAC, EMEA and the Americas overall.
  • Jordan Abbott

    Jordan Abbott

    Chief Privacy Officer

    Jordan Abbott is Chief Privacy Officer of Acxiom. He advises key stakeholders on legal, data governance and compliance policy as well as handling government relations, where he provides strategic insight on proposed legislation at the state and federal levels.

Global Data Ethics Officers

  • Dr. Sachiko Scheuing

    Dr. Sachiko Scheuing

    European Privacy Officer

    Dr. Sachiko Scheuing serves as European Privacy Officer for Acxiom, an IPG company. In her role, Sachiko combines 20 years of theoretical and practice experience in the marketing and advertising industries to manage Acxiom’s government affairs and legal and regulatory compliance across Europe.
  • Alex Hazell

    Alex Hazell

    Head of UK Privacy and Legal

    Alex Hazell serves as Counsel for Acxiom UK, responsible for the legal and privacy affairs of the company’s UK businesses. Alex, a long-standing member of Acxiom’s EU management team, joined Acxiom in 2004 as a transactional and privacy lawyer.
  • Dr. JJ Pan

    Dr. JJ Pan

    Asia Pacific Privacy Officer

    Dr. JJ Pan has overseen Acxiom’s Asia Pacific public policy, data ethics, compliance, data governance programs and fair information practices as APAC Data Ethics Officer since 2012.

Industry / Country Leaders

  • Joyce Turner

    Joyce Turner

    Industry Managing Director, CPG, Manufacturing and Retail Food

    Joyce Turner serves as an Industry Managing Director at Acxiom, responsible for developing go-to-market strategies for clients in key industries including consumer packaged goods (CPG), manufacturing and retail food.
  • John Campos

    John Campos

    Industry Managing Director, Automotive

    John Campos serves as Industry Managing Director for the automotive industry at Acxiom. In this role, John provides global leadership and strategic direction for the Acxiom automotive practice.
  • Don Graumann

    Don Graumann

    Head of Consumer Industries

    Don Graumann serves as the Head of Consumer Industries at Acxiom. He is responsible for client relationship management, service delivery, strategy, and growth of Acxiom’s valued auto, retail, CPG, travel & hospitality, entertainment, media, telco, tech, and growth & emerging markets clients.
  • Clark Wooten

    Clark Wooten

    Industry Managing Director, Insurance & Healthcare

    Clark Wooten serves as Industry Managing Director for the insurance and healthcare industries at Acxiom. He is responsible for client relationship management and service delivery for Acxiom’s valued insurance clients.
  • Melissa Metheny

    Melissa Metheny

    Head of Global Innovation Lab

    Melissa serves as Head of Global Innovation Lab. She has spent more than 20 years in a variety of roles at Acxiom, including senior positions in account management, consulting and operations as well as technical experience designing global, omni-channel solutions.
  • Mike Wagner

    Mike Wagner

    Industry Managing Director, Consumer Brands Group

    Mike Wagner serves as Industry Managing Director for retail/consumer packaged goods and emerging industries for Acxiom. Mike is responsible for supporting clients and business growth in the retail, consumer packaged goods and emerging industries.
  • Eric Heiliger

    Eric Heiliger

    Vice President Strategic Growth EMEA

    Eric Heiliger serves as Vice President Strategic Growth EMEA at Acxiom, a position he’s held since October 2020. He has long followed the evolution of marketing, particularly with the explosion of siloed data and channels by which brands can now reach customers. Armed with this knowledge, Eric manages a team focused on enabling well-known brands to deliver future proof data driven marketing.
  • John Tusa

    John Tusa

    Industry Managing Director, Media, Telecommunications & Technology

    John serves as Vice President and Industry Managing Director for the media, technology and telecommunications industries at Acxiom. He is responsible for client relationship management, client satisfaction and overall account retention and growth for many leading clients in these industries.
  • Shell Liu

    Shell Liu

    General Manager, Greater China

    Shell Liu serves as General Manager, Greater China at Acxiom. With more than 15 years of marketing, media and digital experience, Shell Liu,who joined Acxiom China in 2018,has a proven track record of utilizing strategic approaches and accelerating growth of businesses in the ever-changing market.