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Acxiom Game Day Data Package

Acxiom audiences can help tackle this huge retail opportunity

Acxiom Game Day Data Package

Get the Game Plan for Success

Consumers will spend over $14 billion leading up to the biggest game of the year. So now is the time to plan your strategy to reach these consumers before they buy.

Acxiom’s in-depth data can narrow your target to a precise audience so you can score big with consumers from Big Spenders to Entertaining Experts.

  • Game Day Data Package Game Day Data Package
  • Big Game Big Spenders

    Big Game Big Spenders

    From home décor, to furnishings to snacks, this demographic spares no expense when it comes to entertaining.

  • Avid Fans

    Avid Fans

    Speak to hardcore football fanatics whose eyes will be glued to the set from pre-game until they hand out the trophy.

  • Casual Observers

    Casual Observers

    Did you know that over 20% of Americans tune into the game just for the commercials? We can tell you who these casual fans likely are, so you can market directly to them.

  • Entertaining Experts

    Entertaining Experts

    More than just an array of great food and drinks for their guests, this niche is likely to spend whatever it takes to make their home comfortable and inviting for the big game.

  • TV Aficionados

    TV Aficionados

    For many fans, the biggest game of the year is the time to upgrade to that big TV they’ve had their eye on. Reach this segment of fans who can’t live without a new TV or home electronics.

Experiences that Matter

Contact to make these and other targeted audiences pay off big before this year’s game.