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Deliver a Connected Automotive Experience

We help 8 of the top 10 automotive OEMs drive strategic growth by maximizing returns from shifts in consumer data, changing product usage, and innovation in adtech and martech.

Ford's Unified Data Drives Better Customer Experience

Our Key Solutions

Acxiom can optimize your data to enable more relevant people-based marketing strategies for your brand and automotive partners

Better Attribution of Leads to Sales

Regardless of whether leads are anonymous or with reduced information, Acxiom’s Advanced Sales Match solution can help you recognize more shopping information and qualified leads across online and offline channels - and attribute new vehicle sales to these customer leads

Increase Lead Quality and Quantity

Find more qualified leads and a larger quantity of prospects with stronger data analytics and identity resolution capabilities

Improve Engagement Throughout The Customer Journey

Create an end-to-end customer experience solution by optimizing customer portraits through identity resolution, customer journey mapping, and media analysis

Enhance Automotive Financing and Affinity Credit Card Acquisition

Better assist automotive financing and branded credit card acquisition partners with more insights about prospects and customers to improve vehicle loans, leases, subscriptions, and branded credit card acquisition

Deliver A Seamless Recall Experience

Accelerate repairs and drive more recall completions with an advanced vehicle recall solution designed to find more second, third, and fourth owner vehicles affected by recalls

Our Expertise

Products and Services to Help You