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Announcing Acxiom PrivateCloud™

Announcing Acxiom PrivateCloud™

On demand computing for security sensitive organizations

LITTLE ROCK, AR – April 25, 2013 — Acxiom® (Nasdaq: ACXM), an enterprise data, analytics and software as a service company today announced Acxiom PrivateCloud™ for organizations that require security enriched cloud computing. According to Norton Cybercrime Report, internet crimes costs consumers $110 billion per year and affects 1.5 million people each day, making security a top concern for companies.

“Acxiom manages and protects some of the most sensitive data in the world,” said Kevin Zaffaroni, senior vice president of information technology at Acxiom. “Enhanced security practices combined with decades of experience managing complex IT infrastructures make Acxiom the trusted choice for some of the most demanding companies in the world.”

Unlike most cloud options, Acxiom’s PrivateCloud incorporates managed firewall, vulnerability scanning and enterprise anti-virus as standard services. PrivateCloud provides a virtual private data center that is dedicated to each tenant and is protected inside an Acxiom data center. Clients can quickly and easily provision computing resources as needed via a self service portal that delivers real-time performance monitoring.

For more information about Acxiom’s PrivateCloud, click here.

About Acxiom

Acxiom is an enterprise data, analytics and software as a service company that uniquely fuses trust, experience and scale to fuel data-driven results. For over 40 years, Acxiom has been an innovator in harnessing every important source and use of data to strengthen connections between people, businesses and their partners. Utilizing a channel and media neutral approach, we leverage cutting-edge, data-oriented products and services to maximize customer value. Every week, Acxiom powers more than a trillion transactions that enable better living for people and better results for our 7,000+ global clients. For more information about Acxiom, visit

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