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Partnering with Acxiom and Sitecore

Optimize your customers’ experience and achieve faster time to value with your Sitecore investment when you engage Acxiom’s certified services team

The digital revolution isn’t an event – it’s a process that continues to reshape the world. Keeping pace with change means being able to continuously deliver the experiences that customers expect, across digital touch-points. And that’s where Acxiom’s partnership with Sitecore comes in. When you work with Acxiom to implement your Sitecore solution, you’re partnering with a team of certified experts, backed with more than 50 years of experience. We help brands connect with their customers through exceptional delivery, data and identity services.

Partnering with Acxiom and Sitecore

Owen Taraniuk

SVP Global Alliances and Partnerships


Sitecore brings powerful decisioning and orchestration capabilities with its CDP that make unique and personalized customer experiences possible. We’re excited to be working with Acxiom to give brands a single point of access and improve their agility when it comes to both acquiring and retaining customers.

Our Sitecore Services

  • Align


    Unlock the potential of your vision through discovery and diagnostics – making sure the solution we deliver is aligned with your needs

  • Design


    Leverage our experience – and our architects’ skill in developing solutions using Sitecore and other technologies, augmented by Acxiom data and identity offerings

  • Implement


    White-glove delivery services – leveraging a proven process to deliver timely value

  • Iterate


    Partners who will work with you along the journey, helping to optimize what’s working and find new ways to drive efficiency and value


David Skinner

Chief Strategy Officer


Every brand needs to accept the reality of a cookieless world and start treating their first-party data as a strategic asset. This partnership with Sitecore will be crucial in helping our customers operate in this new environment, where leading brands will compete based on the quality of the insights from their first-party data.

Learn More

  • Improve identity resolution and enhance customer data with Acxiom + Sitecore

  • Make the most of your Sitecore investment with access to a large ecosystem of end-to-end services

  • Enjoy consultative support from a growing team of Sitecore subject matter experts

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