We help telecom brands utilize data and technology to know more about their customers and prospects so they can make better-informed business and marketing decisions.  Our data and insights enable you to craft a customer experience that is more personally and contextually relevant, powering smart marketing programs that increase new-customer sales, reduce churn, enhance customer experience and grow average revenue per user and average revenue per account. In addition to fueling marketing, our data and solutions also assist telecom brands in optimizing profitability while also serving community needs.  

We have served 8 of the top 10 telecom and media companies

We have worked across wireless, wireline/broadband, and internet product lines across both B2C and B2B engagement channels. Our relationships have varied from serving as a fully integrated strategic partner to tactical service provider and everything in between. We are focused on the data and technology brands need to engage people  in a people-based manner that meets them where they are in the path to purchase and the customer journey. 

  • Increase Net Adds
    Increase Net Adds

    Increase Net Adds

    Acquire More Profitable Customers

    We offer a variety of marketing solutions that  help telecommunication brands acquire more profitable customers – and then reach and engage them relevantly across channels.  With a focus on identity, data, and analytics we help personalize site visits for unknown customers,  enable brands to understand and identify the highest-value audiences for customer acquisition and relationship marketing, and improve response rates while controlling acquisition and CRM cost. 

  • Reduce Customer Churn
    Reduce Customer Churn

    Reduce Customer Churn

    Improve Retention, Grow Relationships, Drive More Purchases

    We offer a variety of solutions that help brands engage and retain the highest volume of customers, at the lowest retention cost, and with increased revenue in the short term and across the customer lifecycle. By leveraging historical customer transactional data and other touchpoint data across channels with predictive analytics, we can help identify key trigger behaviors and attributes that are early indicators of churn.  We assist telecoms in identifying customers most likely to leave, leveraging omnichannel signal data showing interest in the competition. We enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by optimizing customer portraits based on interactions across channels.  Our data and insights can improve churn analysis to reduce customer defection and to optimize selection and timing of retention offers. 

  • Accelerate Cross and Upsell
    Accelerate Cross and Upsell

    Accelerate Cross and Upsell

    Drive More Upsell and Cross-Sell to Increase Loyalty

    Our customer acquisition analytics and campaign execution services use “in-market” data to identify segments most likely to purchase again and target them with offers through their ideal channels. Our data and insights can also help brands design marketing campaigns and create analytic models designed to retain and upsell customers. These insights and recommendations can increase the lifetime value of existing customers by identifying which products to offer next at a user and account level.  

  • Increase Average Revenue Per User and Account
    Increase Average Revenue Per User and Account

    Increase Average Revenue Per User and Account

    Optimize Customer Insights to Increase Average Revenue per User

    Through optimized customer insights, we employ marketing database solutions that unify data and identity across all channels for more informed and relevant decisioning, centralizing all online/offline customer data for measurement, acquisition and upsell. As a result, we determine the next best product for subscribers by leveraging collaborative analytic data modeling. We also target high value people segments that have transacted with the brand, providing personalized offers to encourage incremental transactions. Not only can we complete missing data for increased reach, we utilize data and insights that provide for transparency and problem solving with first-party data enrichment.

  • Improve Telecom Customer Experience
    Improve Telecom Customer Experience

    Improve Telecom Customer Experience

    Personalized Marketing to Drive Engagement

    Build accurate representations of customers characteristics for more personalized marketing to drive engagement.  Ensure relevant and timely customer experiences throughout the customer journey with continuity between digital and known channels and timely insights for elevated engagement. Our data and analytic models and insights help brands deliver highly personalized offers and engagements to high-value audiences, based on a holistic customer view across all channels, touchpoints, devices and lines of business.  

  • Increase Measurement and Attribution
    Increase Measurement and Attribution

    Increase Measurement and Attribution

    Measure Marketing Efficiency

    With Acxiom, telecom brands understand who their marketing efforts are reaching, how those efforts are driving results, and where to optimize performance. We offer advanced media analytics to enable closed-loop marketing digital advertising campaigns, allowing telecoms to enable marketing mix modeling, multi-touch attribution, and full-funnel modeling.  We can also help brands attribute sales to the right channel or campaign, determine campaign effectiveness, understand channel strategies, and measure the performance of digital campaigns for both online sales and in-store transactions.

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Meet our Experts

  • John Tusa

    Vice President, Sales and Client Management, Media, Telecommunications & Technology

    John Tusa is Vice President of Sales and  Client Management for the consumer brands team at Acxiom. John leads the sales team responsible for client engagement in the Media, Technology and Telecommunications industry groups.

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  • Rob Petit

    Industry Strategist - Media, Telco, and Tech

    Rob Petit is an industry strategist at Acxiom, working closely with strategic clients  in the communications, media and technology industries.  Rob helps companies acquire, retain and grow a more profitable customer base by leveraging customer insights to optimize marketing communications, driving higher customer value, engagement and loyalty.