Privacy Principles

As a global leader in helping clients manage consumer information, Acxiom has long understood the importance of fair information practices and consumer privacy. Acxiom helps clients improve relationships with consumers by making individual recognition possible across the entire enterprise, including over the Internet, over the phone and in retail outlets. The growth of e-commerce and remote transactions means a company’s ability to know its audience also involves honoring individual preferences regarding privacy. Today, marketers are required by good corporate citizenship practices, and in some cases by legislation, to put procedures in place that enable individuals to control how, when and for what reasons companies collect and use information about them. 

These procedures also enable individuals to control how companies share data about them with others. With customer data often stored in different systems across a company and with potentially different spellings of names and addresses, it is difficult for most companies to establish or honor their commitments to consumers about how data about them will be used. 

Acxiom provides the critical services, products and technology that companies need to honor consumer preferences and maintain good customer relationships. Acxiom and its associates worldwide pledge to conduct our business according to the following principles.

Global Privacy Principles

Notice, Access and Choice
Acxiom recognizes that individuals should be informed as to how information about them is used and should have choices about the dissemination of that information. 

Acxiom is an active member of local trade associations in the countries where we conduct business and conforms to all self-regulatory guidelines of these associations. Acxiom also actively monitors local laws in order to be compliant with any regulatory requirement. 

Ethical Relationships
Acxiom pledges to conduct our relationships with clients and other information providers in an ethical and professional manner. 

Acxiom is committed to educating our clients, our associates and the industry about the issues, guidelines and laws surrounding individual consumer privacy issues and Acxiom’s Fair Information Practices Policy. 

Acxiom maintains rigorous quality control procedures to ensure our information is as accurate as possible. 

To read about our commitment to security, click here. 

Consumer Value
Acxiom offers services and information products that create value — including lower prices, greater access, better security, timeliness and diversity – for consumers.