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Innovative Data and Signals

New Types of Data Fuel More Ways to Define Audiences

In today’s expanded digital ecosystem, there are different ways to view behavior and a vast variety of indicators signaling people’s interest and activities. Acxiom has them covered.

Innovative Data and Signals Innovative Data and Signals

Keeping Pace with a Changing Digital Ecosystem

Pulse Data from Acxiom lets marketers stay connected to the heartbeat of the marketplace. New place-based signals, behaviors and contextual understanding brings new ways to segment audiences.

  • Market Signals

    Location-based device data combined with Acxiom data creates audiences of people as they turn interest into intent based on actual visits and purchases.

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  • Mobile

    App usage and installation, Bluetooth connections, location data and more help build a composite persona of users likely current needs, interests and affiliations.

  • Semantic Audiences

    A completely custom approach to define audience segments using weighted keyword groupings. Reach people based on the content they consume online.

  • Work-Life Audiences

    Bringing the combined power of business and consumer insights from Dun & Bradstreet and Acxiom.

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Global Data Navigator

Search data availability around the globe

With marketing technology, identity resolution and digital connectivity converging in a “borderless digital world,” brands can now quickly locate data attributes, service availability and Acxiom’s digital footprint across the globe to fuel informed decisions.

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Reach audiences around the globe and deliver experiences that matter with Acxiom data.

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