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Acxiom Partner Marketplace

Comprehensive Offering of Granular Consumer Insights to Drive Strategic Campaigns

Acxiom Partner Marketplace is the most comprehensive offering of granular consumer insights available in one place, covering more than 3,000 data insights to drive better customer intelligence. Industry-leading, category-specific data sources enable brands to better understand people and deliver strategic campaigns. 

Acxiom Partner Marketplace

Acxiom Partner Marketplace enables brands to customize data segments to create a holistic view of a person and tailor campaign messaging to reach ideal prospects effectively.

  • Category Spend

    Learn about shopping interests, behaviors and preferences at the category level to create strategic marketing campaigns.

  • Propensity to Convert

    Gain insight into hesitant shoppers and build focused campaigns to reach prospects ready to convert your brand.

  • Competitive Loyalty

    View customer and prospect spend at competitors to gauge shopping behaviors outside of the traditional first party data.

Past purchase behavior remains the best predictor of future buying behavior, and Acxiom Partner Marketplace delivers highly predictive data for acquisition and prospecting.

Acxiom Partner Marketplace enables brands to:


    Access all the data you need with one simple contract, a single delivery process and a common identity spine.


    Use insights from industry-leading data such as detailed income sources, VIN registration, Rx & clinical data history to drive smarter campaigns.


    Customize data segments and combine purchase and intent data to develop predictive models to improve ROI and accurately reach people across all channels.

Acxiom Partner Marketplace partners include:

Acxiom Partner Marketplace in Action

Get a more complete view of customers and prospects – who they are, their interests and behaviors and most importantly, their spending habits — by combining rich insights from Acxiom InfoBase with transactional-level data. Finding and engaging highly relevant audiences just got easier with Acxiom Partner Marketplace. 

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