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Acxiom Holiday Season Data Package

Making Seasons Bright

Consumers spent more than $730 billion during the 2019 holiday season. This Holiday season promises to be a lot different, but sales could actually rival 2019 numbers.*

Making Seasons Bright

Perhaps more than ever, personalized audiences from Acxiom are needed for your marketing message to hit its mark with shoppers and make cash registers ring.

  • Personalize audiences based on where and how they’re most likely to spend
  • Precisely personalize your marketing messages to multiple audience selections for the most impact
  • 4.1%
    Total 2019 Holiday Retail Sales


    Up 4.1% from 2018

  • 14.6%
    2019 Non-store Holiday Sales Including Ecommerce**


    Up 14.6% from 2018

Sample Acxiom Audiences Include:

  • Online shoppers seeking to avoid crowds
  • Audiences busy decking the halls or preparing for a feast
  • Holiday travelers and active outdoors families
  • Holiday Season Data Package

Choose From These Lucrative Prospects:

Toys, Toys and More Toys

One gigantic category, with insights into gifts for toddlers, tweens or grownups who never grew up. Video games, sporting goods, action figures and more.

Cooking Enthusiasts

This audience includes cooks stocking up on the necessary gear to prepare the big meal, as well as friends and family looking to buy the latest kitchen gadgets for the cooks in their lives.

Department Store Moms

Connect to this segment with a robust disposable income (above $75K) that frequents department stores during the holidays and have a history of big spending in stores and online.

Gift Baskets

With so many practicing social distancing, holiday gift baskets filled with goodies and delivered to friends and loved ones may never be more popular. We can help tap into this lucrative market that peaks during the holiday season.

Active Family Gifts

People are turning to the outdoors during the pandemic for safe family activities. This audience focus is centered on sporting goods or performance outerwear and puts the sales message where it will get noticed.

Holiday Travel

People are easing back into travel and whether it’s a trip to see family members or a ski getaway, the holidays and travel still go hand in hand—find who is likely in market for airfare and lodging, which brands and providers they prefer and a whole lot more.

Concert, Sports and Shows

As restrictions are lifted, more and more events will return, and many people say they can’t wait. Buyers could spend more than anticipated on entertainment during the holiday season—whether it’s tickets to the big game they’ve been waiting on or the hottest touring acts returning after being sidelined. Tap into consumers who have bought tickets as well as their method of purchase.

Holiday Car Buyers

Many families splurge on a major purchase like a new car during the holidays. Reach these consumers with affinities from Lexus to Lincoln to Volvo and more—before they start shopping.

Home Decorations

This has been the year of the home and no season can compete with the holidays when it comes to money spent decorating at home. This audience spares no expense when it comes to decking the halls and adding festive touches to the décor.

Tablet/Mobile Media Shopper

Acxiom’s data can give you insights beyond brands, stores and categories—we can even tell you which type of mobile device people are using to do their holiday shopping.

Experiences that Matter

For more information about how these and other personalized audiences can pay off big this holiday season, email us at