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Acxiom Summer Fun Data Package

Americans Are Packing Up

With vaccinations rolling out and Covid-19 cases on the decline, many people are ready for adventures—some close to home and some further away. Reach a huge market with summertime audiences from Acxiom. Summer travel and purchases for related activities represent billions in spending.

Americans Are Packing Up
  • 44%
    More Trips


    of Americans will take more trips compared to 2020.6

  • 39%
    A Week Long or More


    of Americans say their vacation will last a week, at the very least.6

  • 56%


    of people in the U.S. say that traveling will provide a sense of healing for the world amid the pandemic.6

  • 52%
    Comfortable Stay


    Hotel room occupancy is expected to grow in the U.S. to 52% in 2021, up from 44% in 2020.5

  • 8.6%


    Gardening retail increase in the United States.1

  • 74%


    of people internationally will spend more time researching what destinations to travel to.2

  • 77%


    of international travelers are more likely to travel to a different country if they receive the vaccine.2

  • 51%
    Family Ties


    of Americans say they will travel over the summer because of a family reunion, wedding, or any other type of family gathering.4

  • 67%


    of people surveyed in the U.K. said that they will stay home for summer vacation.3

Choose From These Lucrative Audiences

Families that love to camp and hike are often big spenders when it comes to summer travel and spending. Connect directly with audiences that camp or have an RV with this segment.

Waterparks and Swimming
Want to know who is going to dive into the local pool or pack up and head to the nearest waterpark. Many Americans will do just that this summer. Help them make the right choices on destination and supplies.

Many will enjoy summertime fun a little closer to home. Data Guru can help you design audiences interested in local attractions and entertainment.

Beach Travelers
Before beachgoers put their toes in the sand, they’ll be busy researching the best condos, hotels and airfares, as well as stocking up on essentials for their vacation. Let us help you get your message directly in front of this group.

Space and Specialty Kids Camps
Space camp and other special interest camps for kids are a large and growing market. Our data helps you reach this prime pool of parents.

Active Kids Camps
Kids and their parents are still making important decisions about choosing a summer camp to attend. Reach this market with information about camps or gear that kids will take to camps, this segment is a great fit.

International Travelers
A huge number of Americans will actually venture outside our borders for their summer getaway this year. But before they do, they’ll not only research and purchase airfare and book accommodations but they also fill their suitcases with apparel and accessories vital to their plans. Connect with this audience of over 15 million.

Outdoor Family Fun
In addition to what will be spent on travel, a huge amount of money will be used by families on grills, cookouts and other outdoor activities. Connect to this market interested in selling seasonal items related to outdoor fun.

Boating and Sailing
When the temperatures rise, so does the number of customers interested in hitting the water in a boat or sailboat. Reach those ready to make a major purchase this summer.

Gardening and Home Improvement
Lots of Americans embark on major garden and home improvement projects during the summertime. Reach avid gardeners and DIYers looking for tools, plants and other supplies.

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