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Valentine’s Day Data Package

Valentine’s Day Data Package

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday in 2021, suggesting atypical spending will result. But with total spending still expected to exceed $25 billion1, you don’t want to misfire your arrow with that payout on the line. The pandemic will also certainly still be on people’s mind, and this disruptor reinforces a need to market to the right consumers inclined to buy under unique conditions, be it those planning a romantic dinner, perhaps at home, a special trip nearby, or the traditionalist who buys candy and flowers. And while spending on a “significant other” has been on a slight decrease in recent years, spending for others such as teachers, co-workers, friends, and even pets has been on a steady increase2.

Data-driven strategies help you find and reach those people eager to show their love to their human partners and even to their four-legged companions.

Average Amount Spent

  • Men



  • Women



50% of all Valentine sales are purchased for recipients other than a romantic partner!

  • Who will buy online?

  • Who will hit the department store?

  • Who favors candy vs. jewelry vs. flowers?

  • Valentine’s Day Data Package Valentine’s Day Data Package
  • Hit the Mark With These Audiences. Candlelight Dinner for Two…at Home

    Hit the Mark With These Audiences. Candlelight Dinner for Two…at Home

    Find those planning a romantic evening at home whether they are gourmet chefs ordering groceries online, whipping up a meal from a Blue Apron kit or having a restaurant meal delivered using services like Bite Squad, Grubhub or Eat24.

  • A Big Night Out

    A Big Night Out

    These sweethearts are planning a night out for fine dining and booking their reservations online using services like Open Table.

  • Romantic Getaway Travelers

    Romantic Getaway Travelers

    Find those who postponed travel in 2020, likely eager to get away as travel becomes safer. Many of these people will be shopping for specials and booking hotel reservations online.

  • Candy and Flower Traditionalists

    Candy and Flower Traditionalists

    Enthusiastic gifters who plan to show their love with the most traditional Valentine gifts of candy, flowers, or jewelry.

  • Valentine Big Spenders

    Valentine Big Spenders

    Households likely to spend $100 or more on a significant other or spouse for Valentine’s Day.

  • Valentine Shopping Preference

    Valentine Shopping Preference

    Valentine shoppers come in all types and shop in all kinds of stores. Find audiences looking for a bargain at discount stores, popping into the florist or dropping big bucks at a specialty clothing store.

Experiences that Matter

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