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Marketing Analytics and Strategy

Powerful strategy, predictive analytics and measurement deliver business impact

Acxiom offers a full suite of strategy consulting, predictive and marketing analytics and marketing measurement offerings to support all facets of the data-driven prospect and customer journey. We help brands evolve their data strategy, understand marketing impact, and better know their prospects and customers and predict behaviors.

Marketing Analytics and Strategy Marketing Analytics and Strategy

Leverage Data & Analytics to Drive Better Business Impact

Acxiom’s experienced data strategy consultants, data scientists and measurement experts focus on the creative use of advanced analytic techniques, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data-driven strategies to solve a wide array of business challenges across the prospect and customer journey.

Independent Campaign Measurement

Why Brands Should Invest in Independent Campaign Measurement

Understand the importance of going beyond the free reporting and analytics provided by publishers and platforms to gain a complete and unbiased picture of each campaign’s performance.


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