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Request Access To Acxiom’s
Global Data Navigator

Global Data Navigator is a self-service tool that provides an online portal to view available consumer data and services for each region and country.

If you are looking to enrich your first party data in the U.S. and Canada, receive demographic data for analytics in the U.K., or target individuals online and distribute audiences in Italy, Mexico, or Brazil, the Global Data Navigator tool allows you to browse our entire available data catalog at the click of a mouse. Learn more by viewing the fact sheet!

  • Data elements and coverage

  • Identity resolution and data quality services

  • Digital ecosystem footprint for audience activation by geography

Note: Global Data Navigator does not contain any personally identifiable information on individuals in any country or region related to Acxiom offerings. It merely shows graphically and numerically the availability of Acxiom’s data and services across the globe.