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Partnering with Acxiom and The Trade Desk

Founded on compliance, thriving off customer respect and trust.

Brands who love their customers cultivate relationships based on authenticity and relevance. Creating a customer-centric experience starts with accurate, compliant data and an omnichannel marketing platform. With Acxiom and The Trade Desk, people will always be the focal point.

Partnering with Acxiom and The Trade Desk

Why Partner with Acxiom + The Trade Desk?

  • More Precision Across Channels and Devices

    The Trade Desk’s omnichannel programmatic platform promotes a complete understanding of your customers and real-time optimization of your audiences across all devices and channels.

  • Customer-Centric Experiences, Every Time

    With Acxiom’s 50+ years of experience in privacy compliance and The Trade Desk’s promise to reach people in a privacy-compliant manner, marketers are empowered to reach the right audience at the right time with respect.

  • Future-Proof Solution backed on UID 2.0

    Unified ID 2.0, available on The Trade Desk, is open-source and available for free, for everyone, removing all reliance on third-party cookies. Consumers can easily opt-out and manage their preferences.

Arun Kumar

Chief Data and Technology Officer


“Across IPG’s companies, we will continue to strengthen relationships and initiatives with partners like The Trade Desk that share our beliefs around customer trust, data privacy, and compliance.”

Jeff Green

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

The Trade Desk

“We look forward to working with Acxiom and IPG to build on this progress on our common goal of secure identity that benefits advertisers, publishers, and people.”