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The Great Customer Experience Reset: Part 2

Why the best CX moments rely on your brand’s memory

We all know buyer journeys have transformed during the COVID-19 pandemic and that it’s now more important (and more challenging) than ever to create CX moments that matter. But exactly what does this mean for marketers? 

In practice, nailing the micro-moments that customers love is only possible if you also master the long game – what we call marketing with a memory. No pressure. Luckily, we’ve created a useful guide to help you.

The Great Customer Experience Reset: Part 2 The Great Customer Experience Reset: Part 2

Does your brand have the long-term foundation in place to deliver moments people love?

The second installment in Acxiom’s latest series, The Great CX Reset, takes a deep dive into the moments that matter — why they’re so important, how they’ve changed over the past 18 months, and how brands can do “marketing in the moment” exceptionally well.

Read the guide, and grab new opportunities to:

  • Optimize small moments by understanding the bigger, long-term picture

  • Orchestrate CX elements across all channels – at different times

  • Connect the dots between pre-purchase and post-purchase to win long-term love

  • Build the data foundation that makes it all possible

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