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Measurement Has Gone to the Cloud

Here’s What it Means for Marketers

In recent years, trends and technologies like cloud platforms, cookieless tracking and omnichannel everything have transformed the entire marketing ecosystem. When marketing changes, so must the way we measure marketing. 

This new paradigm has significantly enhanced the role of cloud technology. As a result, marketers now understand that measurement is no longer a destination; it’s part of the journey – a constant course verifier and corrector. The question is: are you prepared to embrace a cloud measurement mindset?

Measurement Has Gone to the Cloud Measurement Has Gone to the Cloud

We’ve seen how the cloud has accelerated the evolution of marketing measurement. This is not “measurement as usual.” Marketers must adopt a new approach to ensure they can take advantage of the new possibilities that open up when they measure marketing in the cloud.

How does the cloud turn what was once wishful thinking into an everyday reality for marketers? This POV dives deeply into this provocative question, revealing new opportunities for marketers:

  • Ask better questions

    Ask better questions

    Move from what happened to what’s happening

  • Close the feedback loop

    Close the feedback loop

    Shorten the time from insights to improvement

  • Go from knowledge to understanding

    Go from knowledge to understanding

    Get context you can act on