• Real-Time Personalization

    Real-Time Personalization

    Engage and Delight in Real-time

    Customer journeys have evolved tremendously in a short amount of time and become more reliant on digital touchpoints every day. Customer data platforms (CDPs) help create unified customer digital portraits, identity stitching, decisioning, personalization, campaign management, and more. Acxiom’s Decisioning CDP Solution combines the power of a traditional CDP with our longstanding excellence in identity resolution, data management, data hygiene, privacy, and strategic services. Our solution provides a holistic view of the customer by combining historical and real-time behavioral data to create the best possible experience for a customer and the best intelligence for brands.

  • Customer Acquisition Strategies

    Customer Acquisition Strategies

    Acquire more profitable customers

    The customer has changed, the buyer journey has changed, and how you engage with customers has changed. Our comprehensive suite of acquisition strategies and programs allows brands to understand and identify the highest value audiences for customer acquisition and relationship marketing targeting. Leveraging your 1st party customer data with our third-party enhancement data and robust acquisition analytics, we help you to define, target, and reach the right audiences to acquire new customers across digital, traditional, and emerging channels. This process allows you to meet the consumers where they are in the new and highly disrupted buyer journey.

  • Retention Marketing and Loyalty Refresh

    Retention Marketing and Loyalty Refresh

    Improve retention, grow relationships, drive more purchases

    We offer various solutions that help effectively engage and retain high-value and profitable customers at scale and over time. By leveraging historical customer transactional and other touchpoint data across channels with predictive analytics, we can help identify key trigger behaviors and attributes that are early indicators of churn. Our customer-level data and insights can also help you build marketing campaigns and create analytic models designed to retain and up-sell customers. These insights and recommendations also help you to increase the lifetime value of your existing customers by identifying which products to offer next.

  • Reactivation Strategies

    Reactivation Strategies

    Convert Lapsed Shoppers to Current Buyers to Drive Savings

    Our customer acquisition analytics and campaign execution services use “in-market” data to identify segments most likely to purchase again and reach them with offers across their ideal channels. We help you onboard and reach seasonal buyers from the previous year and re-engage inactive customers by getting the most up-to-date contact information for those individuals. Through various solutions and tactics, we can help you reach and engage high-value consumers across channels to better reactivate your next best customers intelligently.

  • Retail Analytics, Measurement and Attribution

    Retail Analytics, Measurement and Attribution

    Measure Marketing Efficiency

    Major retail brands lean on us for a full suite of strategy consulting, predictive modeling, marketing analytics, and marketing measurement offerings to support all facets of the data-driven omnichannel prospect and customer journey. This includes creating and applying customer intelligence throughout the journey in support of segmentation, AI/ML modeling, cloud-based analytics, real-time personalization, and Multi-touch Attribution (MTA).

  • Single View of the Customer

    Single View of the Customer

    Create an accurate, unified customer view

    When knowing the customer is key to your success, our best-in-class identity solutions help you create a single view of the customer to accurately identify and connect with consumers at any time, anywhere, across any channel, device, touchpoint, or location to create exceptional experiences. Understanding who your customer is helps you enable the next best offer, website personalization, and comply with CCPA, GDPR & future regulations.

    The future demise of third-party cookies will have a negative impact on people’s experience by reducing the effectiveness of a marketer’s ability to personalize messaging and eliminate the ability to measure true attribution. The implications of cookie deprecation on digital personalization and ad tracking, as well as privacy, will be far-reaching. Our Real Identity Solution helps you navigate these changes.

  • Inventory Planning Strategies and Allocation Optimization

    Inventory Planning Strategies and Allocation Optimization

    Make Better Informed, More Timely Decisions

    The separation between merchandising and marketing functions creates data and insight gaps for retail brands, which contributes to inefficiencies in inventory planning and deployment, and misalignment for marketing. Our solution leverages your historical marketing data, our customer-level data, and AI/ML technology to unlock new opportunities for merchandising efficiency, margin, and revenue growth by adding more precision to the decision-making process for inventory planning & allocation. This solution provides key inputs for alignment with marketing as well.

  • Retail Customer Data

    Retail Customer Data

    Know your Customer – better customer intelligence leads to better insights and audiences

    Consumer priorities and shopping behaviors are in a constant state of change. Now more than ever, brands need to ensure they can identify and serve their customers and prospects in contextually relevant ways across the channels they use to engage with the brands they value. Acxiom Data has the largest depth and breadth of individual demographic data, segmentation solutions, and predictive data, including intelligence on over 260 million addressable people in the U.S.

    Our retail customer data solutions help retail brands to better know and understand their customers so they can engage them with messages that are more relevant and impactful and improve acquisition, retention, and cross-sell efforts across marketing channels and touchpoints.

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