• Acquisition of Profitable Customers

    Acquisition of Profitable Customers

    Use Data and Technology to Profitably Acquire & Retain More Customers

    We help technology brands improve reach and 1:1 marketing to high-value audiences, both locally and globally, focusing on data, customer intelligence, analytics, and identity. Our newest suite of digital marketing solutions allows tech companies to create and execute impactful audience-driven strategies across channels and geographies, offering advertisers proven addressable media activation that is audience-based and optimized by touchpoint.

    Acxiom offers a broad and deep assortment of customer-level and modeled data that brands utilize to gain essential insights about individuals or groups of people. This customer intelligence can power personas, segmentation schemes, and audience personalization to make marketing campaigns more effective and efficient. In addition, our consumer-level data combined with AI and machine learning models provides the ability to continuously learn and adapt for more personalized messaging and offers.

  • Improved Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities

    Improved Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities

    Leverage Customer Intelligence to Increase the Customer Lifetime Value

    Acxiom offers a broad and deep assortment of customer-level, lifestyle, and modeled data to help identify trends, propensities, and high-value customers across a brand’s portfolio of business lines to deepen relationships and drive customer loyalty. We help tech brands combine first- and third-party data to truly understand customer preferences and behaviors, drive improved efficiency, and create multi-property campaigns for better customer experience and engagement.

  • Data Asset Value Creation

    Data Asset Value Creation

    Unlock New Opportunities From First-Party Data to Maximize Value

    The data asset value chain consists primarily of acquisition, curation, exploitation, and generation of the data run by a data governance framework unified within an end-to-end integrated data layer solution, which only grows in value through use. This enables tech brands to better understand the classification, usage, cost, and quality of their data across different channels to the appropriate audiences – and to ensure the data use fits the purpose. We help brands transform their data by helping create a data strategy that supports a sound data governance plan to generate new and meaningful insights on which to act.

  • Data Governance & Privacy Compliance

    Data Governance & Privacy Compliance

    Create a Customer-First Foundation for Everything Your Company Does Relating to Data

    Trust is important, and nowhere is that more critical than in how brands use people’s data. The acceleration of digital interaction and engagement across all consumer segments has made data privacy a front-and-center issue. And with the current state of data privacy and regulations, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and similar pending regulations in multiple states, governments, privacy advocates, and people want to know what data is collected, how it is used and with whom it is shared. Data governance is key to ensuring continued responsible use of data and engendering trust in a brand. Acxiom can help create a lasting data governance strategy to protect people – and your business. Our data governance and privacy experts can identify key implications and best practices for managing global data. We can also help you better understand how the loss of the third-party cookie, CCPA, and other privacy laws will impact how we market today and how brands need to prepare for tomorrow.

  • Customer Identity and Resolution Management

    Customer Identity and Resolution Management

    First-Party Identity is the New Currency

    Recognizing an individual or business is the backbone of every interaction with digital visitors and subscribers. Understanding who customers are across channels helps brands engage in relevant ways such as enabling the next best offer, website personalization, and improved call center service. It also allows brands to comply with CCPA, GDPR, and future regulations with the ability to look up, remove and forget. And with the pending deprecation of third-party cookies, first-party data is critical to future-proofing a brand’s ability to engage with customers and prospects on their terms. Understanding and solving for identity ensures relevant and timely customer experiences throughout the customer journey with continuity between anonymous and known channels.

    We believe first-party data solutions and modernized identity resolution programs are vital in solving the identity challenge. First-party enterprise identity graphs hold the identifiers and signals that correlate with individual people. They combine digital and offline first-party data with third-party insights to connect and maintain identity across touchpoints, devices, channels, and identity relationships.

Thought Leadership from Acxiom

Meet our Experts

  • John Tusa

    Media, Telecommunications, and Tech Vice President of Sales and Client Management

    John Tusa is Vice President of Sales and Client Management for the consumer brands team at Acxiom. John leads the sales team responsible for client engagement in the media, technology, and telecommunications groups.

  • Rob Petit

    Industry Strategist - Media, Telco, and Tech

    Rob Petit is an industry strategist at Acxiom, working closely with strategic clients  in the communications, media and technology industries.  Rob helps companies acquire, retain and grow a more profitable customer base by leveraging customer insights to optimize marketing communications, driving higher customer value, engagement and loyalty.