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Powerful Consumer Segmentation Solutions to better understand and engage the modern consumer

What is data segmentation? Grouping consumers into similar segments based on specific behaviors and demographic characteristics. Personicx enables marketers to better understand –and engage — the modern consumer.

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Five Powerful Segmentation Systems

Personicx can be used alone or combined with other data to increase the precision of audience segmentation.
It is available in the U.S. and select countries around the globe.
The U.S. suite includes five specialized segmentation systems:

  • Personicx® Prime - Powerful Individual Segmentation for Modern Consumers

    An innovative double-cluster assignment at the individual and individual-in-a-household level for better understanding and marketing to modern consumers.

  • Personicx® Lifestage - Life Stage Segmentation at the Household Level

    A powerful household-level segmentation system based on consumer life stage that places households into one of 70 segments and 21 groups based on similar demographic, socio-economic and consumer behavior.

  • Personicx® Financial - Reg B Friendly Segmentation Based on Financial Behaviors

    Regulation B friendly segmentation system based on Financial Behaviors, grouping households by similar propensities for financial activities, regardless of demographics. Leveraging over 70 different behaviors, households are placed into one of 54 clusters that map to 13 groups.

  • Personicx® Lifestage Insurance Groups - Based on Similar Demographic and Insurance Behaviors

    These 13 distinct groupings of the 70 Personicx Lifestage clusters segment U.S. consumers by similar demographic and Insurance Behaviors.

  • Personicx® Hispanic - Insights Into Hispanic Ethnicity and Acculturation

    New insights into the Hispanic market, now at an individual level and powered by four factors of Hispanic Ethnicity & Acculturation. Built exclusively for better marketing to the Hispanic market, leveraging 15 unique demographic, socio-economic, behavioral and acculturation factors. It classifies Hispanic consumers into one of 55 clusters that map to nine groups.

  • Segmentation Tools

    Personicx also provides neighborhood-level analysis and interactive visualization of Personicx segments to provide rich audience insights into the who, what, where, when and why of consumer behavior.


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