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CDP Services

A Comprehensive Suite of Customer Data Platform Offerings

CDPs are packaged software that help companies solve a huge and growing problem: the need for unified, accessible customer data.  Acxiom’s suite of CDP services are designed to implement, integrate, enhance and optimize a CDP’s value.

CDP Services CDP Services

Key Use Cases

Acxiom’s enterprise-class capabilities and services help you significantly improve the performance and business outcomes of your CDP investments.

  • Strategy and Selection

    Assess and choose the right CDP to meet your business objectives and larger data strategy.

  • Implementation and Integration

    Successfully deploy and integrate your CDP within your larger marketing ecosystem.

  • Optimization

    Get more value out of your CDP with access to skilled professional services helping your day-to-day operations.

  • Enterprise Customer Data Management

    Leverage a full enterprise data management solution combining your CDP with all of your customer and prospect data.

  • Identity Management

    Extend your CDP’s identity capabilities with a custom brand identity graph and enterprise identity management.

  • Audience Insights

    Access robust audience insights using thousands of third-party data to fuel more effective personalization programs and campaigns.

  • Custom Modeling

    Create  look-a-like audiences and response modeling combining data from your CDP with other third-party data and offline transactions to optimize engagement.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Combine your CDP data with all your first-, second- and third-party data assets to fuel your analytics use cases and  deploy actionable insights for CDP execution.

Strategic CDP Partners

Our Service Offerings

Acxiom provides a full suite of services across a wide range of digital platforms.

  • Evaluate

    Assess and evaluate the right tools to meet your business needs

    • Business Strategy
    • Data Strategy
    • Integration Strategy
    • Map your objectives to CDP Capabilities
    • CDP best practices
    • Privacy readiness
  • Experience

    Interconnect your CDP with your audience strategy

    • Discovery and design
    • Customer experience
    • User journey planning
    • Persona analysis
    • Segment design
    • Audience planning
    • Advanced analytics
  • Enable

    Deploy, implement and enhance your CDP with more power

    • Technology implementation and integration
    • Data taxonomy
    • Real identity
    • 1P, 2P, 3P data
    • Extend your CDP with Acxiom’s Unified Data Layer, an enterprise data management solution
  • Engage

    Manage and use your solution for day-to-day operations

    • Managed services
    • Operationalize and optimize your CDP performance
    • Platform services
    • Administrate and run your CDP
    • Audience building and curation
  • Embed

    Integrate your tool within your entire business process

    • Project management
    • Document and train
    • Insourcing skills
    • Training
    • Business process changes

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