Leveraging Data to Enhance Value-Based Care Within the Patient Driven Experience

Acxiom Healthcare makes it easy and safe to use people-based information to deliver relevant data-driven solutions for patient engagement. Acxiom provides industry-leading identity management and deeper data insights to power opportunities in today’s value-based healthcare environment.

How We Help

Acxiom helps providers and payers adopt a consumer-centric strategy that matches the current demands of the healthcare ecosystem, enabling both to:

  • Match, manage and protect patient identity across the ecosystem while protecting privacy and security

  • Connect datasets, across channels and silos, for better insight, decision making and performance management

  • Match and anonymize offline and online data

Key Benefits

Create the consensus of identity, both offline and online, throughout the continuum of care:

  • Enable world-class identity resolution and insights, targeted outreach and engagement measurement

  • Produce deeper insights and predict propensities for determinants of health for a better understanding of patients and members

  • Engage with more relevant messaging to facilitate better adherence

  • Obtain a reliable feedback loop to tune outreach across the digital ecosystem

  • Provide confidence in privacy and security by being HIPAA, HITECH and HITRUST compliant and ensure the ethical use of data in healthcare

  • Improve patient data integration by streamlining matching, consolidating and posting of records, allowing IT to concentrate on other priorities

Case Studies

  • Leading Provider Improves Prospect Targeting, Realizes Major Efficiency Gain

    The healthcare provider, responsible for a multi-state senior housing community, worked with Acxiom to develop a unique suite of industry-specific models and lead segmentation systems that helped identify sales opportunities and move less likely leads to more cost-efficient sales methods and channels. Over 18 months the client saw a 265 percent lift in responses, reduced direct marketing mail quantities by 45 percent and achieved a 97 percent response rate to direct marketing, achieving monthly savings of $1.25 million.

  • Leading Health Insurer’s Wellness Plan Sees Huge Response, Lower Cost

    The current healthcare climate has changed the way consumers obtain health insurance. A greater number of people are now seeking individual coverage. To increase member engagement and loyalty among its individual policyholders, the health insurer wanted to market its new wellness program to specific segments of its customer base.

    Acxiom helped the payer identify and reach the prospects most likely to respond favorably to the wellness program. The campaign was targeted to members in two main life stage groups by direct mail and email. Interested members were enrolled and given relevant information, such as workouts and diet plans.

    Results included a response 136 percent above forecast and a cost-per-new-customer-account 58 percent below forecast. The direct mail campaign reached approximately one-third of all new individual customers.