Our full suite of marketing database solutions unifies all enterprise customer data, identity and interactions to help brands bring together in-the-moment and historical data to create a powerful data foundation that fuels an entire integrated marketing ecosystem.


  • Acxiom:

    Has a more-than-50-year history of data management innovation that powers marketing for all sizes of clients, including many Fortune 100 brands.

  • Acxiom:

    Features regulated data clean rooms supporting 3+ credit bureaus for many of the world’s largest financial firms

  • Acxiom:

    Executes billions of customer data touches that are safely collected and unified every day.

  • Acxiom:

    Is a leading provider for compliant data certifications including HIPAA for health data management.

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Data Management Solutions
to Fit Your needs

Our full suite of customer data platform solutions unify data, identity and activation across all channels using privacy-by-design practices to power your entire marketing ecosystem. When experience matters, brands choose Acxiom – over 95% of our customers renew their solution

  • Unify your data across every channel

    Fuel your marketing with a true omnichannel single view of the customer across the entire enterprise.

  • Drive better in-the-moment experiences

    Tap into comprehensive enterprise-wide historical data that informs all touchpoint interactions.

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  • Segment audiences to increase engagement

    Create intelligent audience groupings to deliver highly personalized messages that resonate

  • Honor privacy preferences and provide transparency

    Standard consumer preference workflows conform to the latest consumer privacy processes.

  • Recalibrate campaigns for peak performance

    View campaign performance holistically with the agility to shift based on learnings and insights.

  • Support customer and prospect analytics

    Integrate custom modeling and analytics tuned to the nuances of your business.

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By delivering experiences that matter, you can help the digital disruption work in your favor, getting closer to your customers and prospects, ahead of regulations and ahead of your competition.


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