Create a Single View of the Customer

First-Party Identity is the New Currency

First-Party Identity

Recognizing an individual or business is the backbone of every interaction with visitors and subscribers. Understanding who customers are across channels helps media brands enable next best offer, website personalization and comply with CCPA, GDPR and future regulations with the ability to look up, remove and forget. Understanding and solving for identity ensures relevant and timely customer experiences throughout the customer journey with continuity between anonymous and known channels.

The future demise of third-party cookies will have a negative impact on people’s experience by reducing the effectiveness of a marketer’s ability to personalize messaging and eliminate the ability to measure true attribution. The implications of cookie deprecation on digital personalization and ad tracking, as well as privacy will be far reaching.

Brands will need a hybrid approach that aligns to their media strategy. We believe first-party data solutions will be key in solving this challenge. First-party enterprise identity graphs hold the identifiers and signals that correlate with individual people. They combine digital and offline first-party data with third-party insights to connect and maintain identity across touchpoints, devices, channels, and identity relationships.

Activate Site Personalization for Acquisition

Use Data and Technology to Profitably Acquire More Subscribers and Advertisers

Activate Site Personalization for Acquisition

We offer a variety of marketing solutions that help media brands attract visitors, acquire new subscribers and create more valuable audiences for their advertisers. With a focus on data, analytics and identity, we help brands personalize site visits for known and unknown visitors, allowing them to better understand and identify the audiences most likely to be interested in specific content and advertisers, and to convert from free to paid subscriptions. We help media brands combine first- and third-party data to personalize messaging and reach high-value audiences for their advertisers across platforms and devices. Our newest suite of digital marketing solutions helps media companies create and execute audience-driven strategies for any channel and in any geography, and our performance media solutions offer advertisers proven addressable media activation that is audience-based and optimized by touchpoint.

Retain Subscribers and Advertisers

Improve Retention, Grow Relationships, Drive More Ad Revenue

Retain Subscribers and Advertisers

We help media brands improve customer engagement and satisfaction by leveraging data and technology to optimize customer portraits based on interactions across channels. We also help media brands use data and technology to identify subscribers most likely to leave, leveraging omnichannel signal data to show their interest in the competition. Our data and insights can be used to increase advertiser renewals with closed-loop measurement, improve churn analysis to reduce customer defection, and optimize selection and timing of retention offers.

At Acxiom, we bring together omnichannel campaign exposure data with transactional data (either from advertisers or third-party entities) to demonstrate the success and value of the program and platform. This results in increased renewal rates, increased ad sales deal size through premium inventory and increased ability to sell cross-channel inventory for single-channel advertisers. Our advanced media analytics enable closed-loop marketing for digital advertising campaigns with marketing mix modeling, multi-touch attribution, and full-funnel marketing.

Improving experiences to reach high value audiences

Better data modeling for more personalized engagements

Improving experiences to reach high value audiences

Segmentation and targeting are essential to marketing effectiveness and efficiency. Acxiom offers a broad and deep assortment of customer-level and modeled data that can be utilized to gain important insights about individuals or groups of people to help media brands reach the right people with the right offer or message at the right time. This customer intelligence can then be utilized to power personas, segmentation schemes, and audience personalization to make marketing campaigns more effective and efficient. Our consumer-level data combined with AI and machine learning models enable the ability to continuously learn and adapt for more personalized messaging and offers.

Create Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities

Leverage Customer Intelligence to Deepen Relationships

Create Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities

Many media brands know it can be less expensive to cross-sell and upsell an existing customer than to acquire a new customer. Acxiom offers a broad and deep assortment of customer-level and modeled data to help identify trends and high-value customers across a brand’s portfolio of media properties. We help media brands combine first- and third-party data to truly understand customer preferences and behaviors, drive improved efficiency in the cost of acquiring a new audience and create multi-property campaigns that increase reach for advertisers. Media brands can then increase premium CPMs with cross-platform personalization capability and optimize acquisition sources across titles.

Data Monetization and Collaboration

Unlock New Opportunities from First-Party Data to Maximize its Value

Unlock New Opportunities from First-Party Data to Maximize its Value

Data monetization and collaboration can create incremental revenue streams for media brands by unlocking new opportunities from first-party data through the creation and activation of new and enhanced audiences. Monetization and collaboration depend on safe, secure and privacy-compliant sharing of data between two or more parties and are critical for enabling co-marketing initiatives. Collaboration can be as simple as an overlap report between two parties or more complex such as an integrated partner data hub. Acxiom provides an end-to-end solution with comprehensive data governance controls for complete control of data permissions and use. We help you get started by evaluating your data and privacy compliance.

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    John Tusa is Vice President of Sales and Client Management for the consumer brands team at Acxiom. John leads the sales team responsible for client engagement in the media, technology and telecommunications groups.

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    Rob Petit is an industry strategist at Acxiom, working closely with strategic clients  in the communications, media and technology industries.  Rob helps companies acquire, retain and grow a more profitable customer base by leveraging customer insights to optimize marketing communications, driving higher customer value, engagement and loyalty.