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What Is People-Based Marketing?

Created at August 17th, 2017

What Is People-Based Marketing?

Although people-based marketing has been in marketing lexicon for several years now, today there are many contrasting opinions on what it is and why it’s important. To help address these questions, Acxiom just published a short e-book on the subject. Basically a 101 overview, this primer can help you quickly grasp the fundamentals and understand how to apply a people-based marketing strategy everywhere.

What is people-based marketing?

The primer starts by defining people-based marketing as the ability to perform targeting and measurement at the level of real people, not just devices, by resolving identity across digital and offline channels.

The term was popularized through the launch of Facebook Custom Audiences, which allows an advertiser to use their CRM data to target consumers on digital devices.  Google soon followed with similar capabilities when they released Google Customer Match. The power of people-based marketing is evident in their success – Facebook and Google are projected to drive nearly 60% of all digital ad spend in the U.S. this year according to eMarketer.

Why does people-based marketing matter?

People-based marketing enables you to engage consumers with relevant messages across channels and devices – and tie everything back to real sales results, even if transactions occur in the physical world.  Consumers benefit from better experiences, while you increase the efficiency of your marketing spend and gain greater insight into what mix of channels, publishers, creative, and frequency produces the best results.

The keys to making it work everywhere.

The primer lays out 5 keys to realizing the promise of people-based marketing across channels and devices:

  • Identity resolution, or the ability to recognize the people you want to engage
  • Combining data to build out profiles and deepen consumer insights
  • Activating data across channels and devices
  • Measuring and optimizing performance
  • Ensuring privacy and ethical data use

In essence, people-based marketing is about combining data and identity to make marketing more useful and efficient at scale. Download our primer to learn more about how this approach can help you integrate your offline and digital marketing programs and unlock more value from the data assets and technology you already own.